Friday, November 13, 2009

My Trip To The ACORN/ Move On Rally!

I tried to help...they weren't buyin it

This Lady Didn't Hear that the Dems Run Everything.

These guy's brought a great quote from one of the greatest movie gangsters ever. Nino Brown from New Jack City!

Here's a lil ditty about the ACORN worker featured in the above video.
He can also be seen HERE attempting to keep me from entering a different HCAN rally.


  1. "Everything for everyone and nothing for ourselves." Sharp, you crack me up. Just when I need a good laugh (Janet Napolitano's illegal alien nonsense from today plus the "civilian" trials in NYC for the radical Islamic terrorists really had me bummed), I come over to this site--and there you are. Was that the lamest rally evah? Hilarious.

  2. Thanks, Adam.

    I needed a good laugh! You sure are brave, like the lady said. You sure got 'em.

  3. You chanted the loudest - awesome! I liked the 'nothing for ourselves' chant... and the 'what do you want? FREE STUFF' got me laughing, too... good stuff!

  4. Heh, very amusing, I'm so glad I stumbled onto this. You're very quick-witted! It's refreshing to see an outspoken CONSERVATIVE. Keep fighting the good fight :)

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  6. Loved the first video. Thanks for all you do.

  7. You are a hoot! This made me laugh so hard..

    Your friend and lover of humor, else I would cry waaaaay to much

    meow! (remember??),


  8. The lady with the eye-patch and bullhorn scares me! She looks like my kid's elementary PE teacher. Her attitude is the same as well, "Don't You Know Enything[sic])!
    You totally rock, dude!
    Glad I found you.

  9. Shame on you! Because of your video I've laughed inappropriately all day, even when I was supposed to be doing something else.
    "Everything for everyone and nothing for ourselves!"

  10. ACORN and SEIU are Communist organizations. See proof and the deep ties to Obama here:

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