Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pro ObamaCare Presser.

Various Pro ObamaCare Groups Convined For A Press Conference Today In So. St Louis. I Decided To Drop By And Bring You The Scoop. Several Religious Leaders And Uppity CEO Types Were In Attendance. I'd Say No More Than 50 People Were There Most Of Them Seemed To Be Religious Leaders Or Organizers Or Press. I Didn't See Anyone That Looked Like A Regular Concerned Citizen Off The Street. I Could Be Wrong Though. It Was Pretty Much A Snoozer Until Rabbi Suzan Talve Spoke.(More On Suzan Talve HERE) By The End Of Her Speech I Was Convinced She Had The Communist Manifesto At The Podium With Her. The Best Portions Are In The Vid Below.

Then It Was Question Time. The First Question Went To A Reporter Who Asked If This Presser Was Timed To Coincide With "The TeaBaggers" Events This Weekend.
That Pissed Me Off So I Kinda Chastised Him In Front Of The Whole Room LOL! So Then It Was My Turn. Everyone On This Panel Was Gung Ho For ObamaCare. So I Asked The Rep. From Pfizer About The Recently Reported Deal Between Big Pharma And The Administration. My Cover Was Blown at This Point And They Did Not Allow Me A Second Question.

The Guy From Pfizer Was Actually Pretty Cool. We Spoke After The Presser, I Asked Him If His Company Supports Any Specific Bill And I Expressed
My Concerns About HR3200 And He Agreed That HR3200 Would Kill Private Insurance. He Told Me Pfizer Is NOT Backing any Specific Legislation.
Click Here For KSDK's Coverage And Full Video Of This Presser.
Thanx To 24thState For The Exra Research On Suzan Talve!


  1. Nice job confronting the mob on their teabagger attack.
    Good work, Adam.

  2. I am a regular citizen who attended the press event yesterday. I think Susan Talve is a bright, articulate religious leader who speaks well for thousands of Missourians; by the way is she Suzan or Susan..for someone who disrespect so much you don't even know how to correctly spell her name? Reading you articles you do need to use spell check.

    You appear to be a healthy young man perhaps with a wife and maybe kids or kids someday? Why do you not want them to know that they have access to health care should something unexpected happen to them? an accident, cancer..those things happen.

  3. I agree with anonymous. You seem like a nice guy. Don't you want kids someday? Well then why so you hate health care so much? Do you want everyone to be sick or something?

    I'm tired of you teabaggers protesting health care. What's wrong with you? If government doesn't give us health care, who will? Why can't you just let us do what we want? Obama is here, he will save us.

    Why can't we all, like, get along? Here, have some Kool-Aid.

    Mockingly yours,

  4. Interesting the first two posts amount to nothing more than a personal attack. It seems these creatures have a lot in common with the speaker in the first video, Rabbi Suzan Talve, not once was she able to point out a specific benefit of the 0bamascare bill all she kept rambling about was typical scare tactics, talk about backing the hearse up to the door.

    Too bad you socialist don't have a point and can't truly debate the facts, all you do is build a straw man and hurl insults. How 0bama of you!!!

    If you feel so strongly about someone having health care open your checkbook and pay for it.

    I really wish you people would quit pushing your morals down my throat.

  5. The press conference was about the need for health care NOT an Obama Love fest. Proves that Mr Sharp was not truly listening to the content of the press conference. He seemed to be just listening with ears for buzz words that he could spin in this blog. If we are to have an honest dialogue, shouldn't we come to the table with an open mind and not hate in our eyes?

    By the way, when you start being respectful, maybe folks will stop calling members of the Tea Party 'teabaggers.' This blog is full of disrespectful words that are not fact but opinion.

  6. Sounds like you hit a nerve Sharp!

    These people are not being honest. They don't want true reform they want universal health care period.

    THey could concentrate on working together to get the real reform necessary like eliminating pre-existing conditions, buying across state lines etc. But they won't.

    Nothing short of government takeover of our health care system will satisfy them. That include Rabbi Talvi

  7. Well done. Thanks for all your work.

  8. Well what event are they having on Saturday?

  9. How do you know that these people want "universal health care" and "government takeover of our health care system"? None of the speakers in your video said that. How do you know that they aren't in favor of eliminating pre-existing illnesses? How do you know they aren't in favor of interstate purchasing? It sounds like you are putting alot words in their mouths. I'd like to hear their opinion. I appreciate your blog Eric and your comments Bill as I want to hear from these people what they think. We three might have more in common with them than we think; now we can make some progress guys!

  10. The Event on Saturday is the Recess Rally

  11. Were Rabbi Talve to take over our Temple or if our Rabbi like Suzan Talve, we would leave the Temple. It is as simple as that. Thank goodness we have a spiritual leader not a politician as a Rabbi. One who understands that it is the fruit of capitalism that makes the existence of the Temple possible.

  12. So at the beginning she said we will take questions from THE MEDIA and then from everyone else. So, you sir, spoke out of turn. And it is pretty convenient that you didn't get the guy from Pfizer on tape saying that. Maybe he never said that at all. How are we suppose to believe you? And yes the term teabagger is offensive. That's the point!


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