Wednesday, December 19, 2012

MSNBC 's Ed Shultz Calls For Confiscation of ALL GUNS. "It's a Privilege Not a Right"

He apparently hasn't read the 2nd Amendment.


  1. I wonder if Special Ed thinks free speech is a "privilege not a right"? Oh yeah, he probably does since he's probably for the so-called "fairness doctrine," aka state controlled radio doctrine.

  2. 2nd amendment grants you the right to a gun for militia service. But of course Adam and other Savages want to repeal the first amendment for video games and movies and the 4th amendment and make all schools a police state.

    They'll totally ignore the fact while pointing to Israel's armed schools as an example, that Israel's gun control is among the strictest in the world. But their deaths are still higher than Japans, a more populated country with virtually no shootings and NO armed schools. How do you explain that, Japan has 20 times the population and less shooting deaths.

    Wonder if Adam will ACTUALLY grow some balls (or a brain) answer for that instead of deleting posts he's too "bluecollar" to answer.


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