Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Andrew Breitbart Mega Music Memorial (fea. Neil Young, Pantera and Drain STH)

Bold and Disastrous to the Left, Andrew Breitbart certainly had a Mouth for War.

My My Hey Hey. Rock & Roll is Here to Stay. Better to Burn Out, Than to Fade Away...

Andrew knew that the mainstream media is a dinosaur. It was well on display at TeaCon 2011 when Herman Cain held press conference.
The old media was setting up their giant chunky cameras.
Meanwhile all the new media bloggers did was simply walked up to the Candidate with hand held cams. Asked their questions, got their content and left. Meanwhile old media is still setting up.
This is how we win. we out number them, we are faster and more agile.

So Join The War - Put Your Cam in the Air!

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