Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Coulter and Ingraham Question Palin's Electablity.

I like Sarah, I respect Sarah, SHE CAN'T WIN. Laura Ingraham and Anne Coulter seem to agree.


  1. Palin can win Adam you are a LIBERAL, just admit it. I am completely sick of the infiltration of the TEA party and you are a perfect example of this problem. I am NOT surprised that you posted this video. I hope Dana and Jen wake up to your true intentions.

  2. because I don't think Palin can win, I'm a liberal TEA Party Infiltrator?
    Um, who gave Sarah Palin the absolute right to having every TEA Party vote?

    BTW if she runs and she's the nominee, I'll bust my ass to get her elected. I fear those efforts would be fruitless, which is why I would prefer a dif candidate.

    Why resort to name calling because I prefer a diff candidate?

    Guess Coulter was right.


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