Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Obama Thinks Lincoln Built an "Intercontinental RailRoad"

Why did the media not mock him endlessly like they did Bachmann for her John Wayne gaffe?

I'm calling Amtrak for a ticket to Amsterdam right now.


  1. probably didnt mock him because this is one gaffe in years of making public statements with huge audiences. Bachmann has a list of gaffes that she doubles down on when she is confronted with being wrong. Its hard to believe that you dont understand this. Its simply the number of times she spouts myths that merits criticism.

  2. ONE GAFFE?!?!?
    -57 states
    -breathalyzers for kids
    -special Olympics
    -resolved to halt the rise of PRIVACY
    -reads Irish PM's speech by accident, thanking himself
    -tried to enter the oval office through a window
    -refers to the "Austrian" language which doesn't exist
    -shovel ready jobs

    Shall I go on?

  3. really? How about saying there are 57 states? How about mispronouncing corpsman as corpse-man? How about talking how screwed up the post office is and how good UPS and Fedex are trying to make a case for Obamacare? The special olympics comment on the tonight show? Saying he was in St Louis when he was in Kansas City? Memorial Day speech when he said he sees many of our fallen heroes in the audience? Talking about 10,000 people dying and a town destroyed by a tornado in Kansas when 12 people died. And the worst of all, when he said Jared Monte received the Medal of Honor and wasn't receiving it posthumously, when in fact the soldier DID receive it posthumously. These are just a few. you really should research before you defend the man as only making one mistake or only a few.

  4. and bubba you should read the thread before you make the exact same point as mr. elbows.


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