Monday, June 13, 2011

Jan "Shaq" Schakowsky Admits ObamaJobs are Sh*tty Jobs!

And What's Shaq's Answer to the problem? More Government Programs! 

HT- Naked Emperor News


  1. Just wanted to thank you for your BLOG...Gives me a great laugh, Love it when you Uneducated, $10.00 hr, Morons get all "Techie". Lock yourself in your Basement, Spend NO time with your family, and Play "Patriot"....
    Your a JOKE, Your Tea Party is a SHAM, Want to be a "Patriot"? Get off your ass and Go Join the Military, or instead of wasting your time cutting and editing your propaganda. Go help a Veterans Organization or would that be Socialism?
    But again thanks for the laughs Since your boy Beck is gone I've been looking for some good tea Bagger humor

  2. Were Bush jobs good? Because I would argue they are mostly imaginary.

  3. Seems like Obama has plenty of civilian cyber trolls on the payroll… and they've targeted your site, lol! I hope they’re paid commensurate with their ability. What is minimum wage these days?


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