Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Getting Ugly. The Fight Over Red Light Cameras in Missouri.

Arnold Missouri held a townhall meeting on Tuesday evening to discuss the city's Red Light Camera program.

It's obvious from the moment you walk into Arnold City Hall that they do things their way. Hell, they even ban the 1st amendment at the door. As evidenced by the photo below.

Not surprisingly the proceedings were filled with disgusting tactics by the City Council and the Company that Supplies the cameras. Not the least of which can be seen in the below video where an official from American Traffic Solutions exploits the death of a child to push his cameras.

Next, City Attorney Robert Sweeny talks down to the audience then attempts to confuse them by siting completely irrelevant judicial rulings. Luckily, John Burns of the St Louis Tea Party was there to set him straight.

Last but not least, after 2 hours of discussing Red Light Camera laws Arnold's Mayor can't explain his city's Red Light Camera Law.


  1. Excellent, excellent work, Sharp! Keep it up...

  2. I wish I could read this, instead of watch a video. I can't turn the volume up (hubby sleeping)
    But anyway...right on!

    Let me know if you ever want these videos transcribed, would be glad to do it for the cause.

  3. Awesome! I think they see the writing on the wall. It's time to make put the call out to the people for them to call and email their state reps and senators and urge the passing of the ban. Our elected officials NEED TO HEAR FROM US!

  4. Put ATS out of business. Bring due process back to Missouri!

  5. Very well done! I "hate" the cameras - they demean us as human beings. We shouldn't be subjected to being 'pushed around' or 'charged' or 'accused' by machines.

  6. This is the same Arnold Attorney Robert Sweeney that 24th State uncovered. He funneled $186,000 from the Jefferson County 911 dispatch to himself and Missouri/Kansas SEIU See: http://www.24thstate.com/2009/12/jefferson-county-dispatch-911-roundup.html

  7. Here in Arizona, we Conservatives finally have pushed back, and gotten rid of most of the Speed Cameras on our freeways. The Speed Cameras were, of course, originally instituted my mostly the "control-freak" Democrats!

    The Liberals and Democrats love to hide behind their doors of power, and suck money from the law abiding citizens any way they can. Just like with Speed Cameras, the liberals claim it is about saving lives...which is BS. It's about stealing money from citizens, so they can pay for their stupid liberal programs and pensions.

  8. I'm sure the average liberal hates having cash stolen from their wallet based on useless laws that were pushed by a council or administration who's political influence is neither party. Their loyalty belongs not to the citizens, but is based on and tied to money.

  9. Since Arnold put in red light cameras, I tend to shop elsewhere and avoid going to Arnold so I don't get a ticket. There have been times when a tractor trailer in front of me made it so I couldn't see the light was actually yellow and turning red so I went through the red light and I just avoid shopping there altogether now. At this point, I don't even know whether they still have them and that is what is bad for businesses in Arnold. Now even if they are totally taken down, I still will be in the habit to avoid going there to shop. Businesses lose out. Also, we have the right to face our accuser and cross examine them. Who do you cross examine in this situation? How do you cross examine a camera?


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