Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Global Warming Wackos Ambush Jim Inhofe.

Note to public figures: The best way to combat a video ambush is to KNOW YOUR SH*T. Let Inhofe show you.


  1. Do all LIBTARDS any sense of shame at all?

    Has their sense of shame been surgically excised or are the LIBTARDS born that way?

  2. But wait, there's more. We need to ask if the 'ambusher' can take what he dishes out. Please see: "Global Warming Alarmist ambushes Sen. Inhofe - can the alarmist withstand a congressional ambush on him?" http://www.redstate.com/russellc/2011/02/16/global-warming-alarmist-ambushes-sen-inhofe-can-the-alarmist-withstand-a-congressional-ambush-on-him/

    Excerpt: "There is a bigger problem for Hertsgaard, when we reword a biblical phrase to say, 'let he who is above reproach cast the first interrogation'. Enviro-activists like him have long made unsupportable accusations. What happens when the tables are turned, with hard scrutiny of those accusations? Hertsgaard unwittingly opens the door to a Pandora's box of interrogation aimed at him and many others who have portrayed skeptic scientists as corrupted by big oil interests."

  3. The Left ignores any scientific data that doesn’t support their hypotheses. Like ice core samples, historical temperatures (not the truncated ones Al Gore uses), and the fact that all planets in the solar system experience relative heating and cooling. But there’s money, careers and new religions to be made from the public trough by perpetuating the manmade climate change myth. Sorry… wrong shade of green. They’d do more good for the environment by picking up trash on the side of the road. I’d support that.

  4. Frozen Wasteland: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u03QcymdCtg

  5. theblaze.com picked up your story :)


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