Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jonah Goldberg: These Libs Are "Ideological Ambulance Chasers"

Talk about hitting the nail on the head.


  1. I cant believe the great journalist Megan Kelly didnt know that he did not reload his glock very quickly, but that he bought a magazine clip that was once outlawed by the the assault rifle ban that didnt get renewed by bush in 2004 ( by the way bush campaigned to say he would not let it assault rifle ban expire) that held 30 bullets where normal magazines would only hold 10. After discharging 31 bullets is when he was apprehended by civilians, while he was reloading. This is why fox news is devoid of intelligent thought. 5 days after the massacre you are still not getting correct information.

  2. It is true that the gun's type was mentioned in the above report, but the clip type, duration of reload and previous rifle bans had NOTHING to do with this discussion. If the above discussion was about one of those things, then your facts might be more on point. The discussion was about whether the knee-jerk bill proposals were appropriate and/or necessary to prevent future atrocities. Try to follow along. We could also talk about penalizing people for wearing ugly shoes; but that is just not germane to this discussion. The bottom line is, do you believe that political rhetoric is equivalent to yelling Fire! in a crowded theater? Who gets to decide which is benign political banter and which is riot-inciting? The courts? The First Amendment is there precisely for this reason, to prevent the government from muting the people about political discourse, however incendiary it might be. How about we just punish the offenders of the physical law, and stop trying to promote mind-control.

  3. " 5 days after the massacre you are still not getting correct information." Hmm kind of like the other news networks jumping to conclusions it was a right wing nut, that he listened to Palin, Beck and O'Reilly and Limbaugh, and none retracting that information, but then again i'm sure the news networks that didn't even know his name yet knew that "fact" even tho friends dispute it. What do you think of James Clapper not knowing about the London arrests? I see FOX is the only news channel reporting Palin getting threats on Twitter. FOX isn't perfect, but i get more info from FOX that i can research myself to find out what is going on. I would rather watch a news channel that puts the "I wonder if that's true" thought in my head so i can check it out, than watch a channel that doesn't report anything on a subject leaving it's audience clueless to anything going on. Oh i'm sorry a misspelling by Palin, whew glad CNN reported that news. The fact is Megan not knowing something may show bad journalism, but it doesn't make Jonah Goldberg any less correct.


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