Wednesday, November 3, 2010

MO 3rd Too Close To Call.

This From Ed Martin:
Yesterday was a perfect, crisp fall day. Walking into the polls to cast my vote, I thought “This is a great country. We settle our political differences at the ballot box.”

Candidly, I did not suspect that a pall would be cast over the vote Tuesday. We were on the alert for voter fraud, with teams of poll challengers monitoring polls. However, early n the day we learned that election computer systems were down for a major portion of the day, making it difficult on voters and local election officials.

The we learned that a security firm with ties to Russ Carnahan’s campaign had been hired by the Board of Elections. We do not know why they were hired, or what their role was for this election.

We also saw a mathematically implausible midnight surge of thousands of votes from a handful of precincts.

Missourians deserve to have their elections free and fair, and unfortunately Robin Carnahan’s office has not pursued the sort of clean voter rolls needed to have complete faith in an electoral outcome. We will investigate, and keep you posted.

Thank you all for your support and prayers. We ran an exemplary race, and I am proud. I will do all I can to make sure the outcome is in fact what the voters wanted.

Thank you,
Ed Martin


  1. Posted a comment today at STLtoday and got this message... " is currently experiencing intermittent issues with its commenting service that cause comments to disappear for a short period of time. We are working on this issue and hope to resolve it soon. In the meantime, please know that if you submit a comment it will be posted, and if comments disappear they should be back within a 5-minute time period."

    This should read more like "STL democrat election officials in MO-3 are experiencing issues where democrat votes are appearing out of nowhere"

    Good run for Ed Martin, STL is watching and waiting for the next unbelievable statement from the democrat election crooks.

  2. You are the only one saying it is too close to call. Chances are there was voter fraud. This is evident in the fact that Carnahan did not win in a landslide. I hope you learned that you can not make a difference.

  3. Jumpin' Jack flashNovember 3, 2010 at 12:42 PM

    Ahhhh, somebody needs to call a waaaaambulance....

  4. Russ, wins!!!!!!!! If i believed in god I would thank him.

  5. Regardless of the vote totals or margins, you have to admit there is a clear conflict of interest, because who would investigate the election and declare the winner? Exactly, The Secretary of State, hey wait, isn't that Russ' sister?

    It was nice though to see Robin get stomped by Blunt in the important race...


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