Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sharp Elbows Net Exceeds ONE MILLION YouTube Views!!

Small Potatoes for YouTube...but still pretty cool.

Total views of all videos:1,000,265.In the selected range and region:1,000,265


  1. Yup gotta laugh at something. You have a fox news ticker now? Do you really thing fox news is good at anything besides selling gold coins?

  2. First one I watched is the Acorn/Move On rally. Absolutely hilarious! Couldn't stop laughing. I go back to that one often. "Everything for everyone and nothing for ourselves!" What do we want? Free stuff! When do we want it? Now! You've done a great job. Keep up the good work. (Phil Hare video was great work, too.)

  3. GREAT POST!! I love your site!!!

    Common Cents

  4. Yep, anonymous, we gotta laugh at something, considering what your Bastard oh!Bummer! is doing to this nation.

    Keep posting, anonymous. We need the laughs.

  5. haha bastard oh! bummer!? that is amazing! He's actually all of your presidents, not just mine. I was pulling for Kucinich to get the democratic nod, but I knew the whole time that was a pipe dream unlike some of you who actually think these fringe teapartyers can win general election.

  6. Fringe? Get off the Koolaid kid! We have already won, and will continue to do so. You keep hiding and making the lefties look like idiots, and we will continue to go out there, on foot, door to door, face to face, and rock the vote for yet ANOTHER victory.
    In the meantime, you might want to start looking for jobs for you tyrannical idols. . .they're gonna need jobs here soon. Considering they've turned the unemployment problem around, that shouldn't be too hard to manage.

  7. if you have a twitter page you should check out the profile of teapartymovietitles, you'd probably love it, they are great.


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