Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gretchen Carlson Nails Robert Gibbs to the Wall.

Awesome work from Carlson! Asking tough questions and making them answer!
Actual Journalism on TV!!


  1. Gretchen, Your interview was awesome. Right on.

  2. I can not watch this guy any more. It raises my blood pressure by about 50 points. What a sad, sad commentary on this white house that they can do no better than this classless jerk. He is totally unprofessional. His conversation reminds me of a 10 year old. Sorry, insult to 10 year olds. Great interview on Gretchen's part, however, what an embarassment. Does Obama even listen to what Gibbs is saying? And if so, why doesn't he fire him? Does he really agree with this kind of behavior? SAD, SAD, SAD

  3. ditto to the thoughts above, the fact that the white house press monkeys sit in that briefing room and take it every day is doubly annoying.

    and the WH wonders why they have a communication problem... again, the obvious streaks right under their nose unrecognized!

  4. Each time you post a clip I have to wonder if you've watched it. What you witnessed was not journalism but angry punditry. Asking for an advanced copy of a speech is not journalism. Don't be RETARDED. Obama/Biden would be smart to leave all the Iraq in Bush's lap b/c that country is about to explode.
    I was part of the surge. Despite what Robert Gibbs says the surge had nothing to do with the turn around. We didn't see progress in Iraq until we started paying people to not blow us up.

  5. Way to go Gretchen for exposing Robert Gibbs as the blithering idiot that he is! (for those who didn't already know it) What a sad excuse of a WH Press Secretary.


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