Friday, August 27, 2010

Victims of John Cochran VA Hospital Confront Russ Carnahan.

It is believed that almost 2000 people may have been exposed to Hep C or HIV at John Cochran VA Dental Clinic from Feb. 1, 2009, through March 11 2010 Due to Faulty equipment sterilization. You can read more about this here and here.
Of course the V.A. promised to take care of everything and treat those who were infected.
This seemed to be good enough for Russ Carnahan who said this at the time:

"I'm deeply saddened to hear that there are veterans who have tested positive, and it is very good to hear that the VA will be taking care of these individuals. We should expect nothing less."

Russ was content to let the V.A. handle it. Bad move.

As of this past Tuesday some of the victims have not even received the proper paper work.

This group of Vets feels that the V.A. is NOT handling this properly and they let Russ know it.

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