Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hillary Wears One Of MC Hammer's Pant Legs to Chelsea's Wedding Party.


  1. I'd like to see what a fatass Hoosier from lemay wears to a wedding. Thanks for the fashion update you dumb Kluck.

  2. Adam, you are starting to sound like these hollywood libs when you stoop to the level of insulting and rating fashion wear. Seriously, below where it says "Post a Comment", it says "Be Nice!".

    Um....have some class. There are plenty of things to make fun of Hillary about but can we leave the high school jokes out of it? You ruin your creds when you post stuff like this.

    -STL Conservative

  3. We need you here with a camera...if you can.

    We just heard from an Ursa Co-op employee that Hare will be at the Warsaw riverfront at 10am on Aug 3. If rainy, he will be at the Warsaw Botts Center. Suspect it may pertain to $ for river work since the Co-op knew. Riverfront could mean at the elevator or at the marina park area which is about ½ mile south. Could not confirm this on Hare’s website. Hope someone can confirm the above. If so, we need a bunch of people there. I would like him to explain his NO votes on every one of the 6-7 wasteful spending cuts proposed one per week by Eric Cantor’s You Cut website. Goggle: eric cantor you cut, read and sign up.

  4. Adam, you WERE nice; no where in your post did you mention that Hillary is a chinese money taking, cuckholding-for-power wife, getting power because of the man that she married, felon that keeps getting better positions just for keeping her big yapper shut for the last 18 years.

    Nice, yes you were!

  5. Truth to tell, it looks as though they just need a hot-air engine, and she could Launch in a matter of minutes.

    Wait, there already IS a hot-air engine....


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