Friday, July 2, 2010

The Obama Incompetence Meter. News


  1. How does a conservative blame Obama? Shouldn't the free market be taking care of this? Isn't the free market supposed to take care of everything? What the fuck?

  2. A hearty welcome to a liberal who isn't aware that since the oil spill is in federal waters, obama & the EPA have stymied BP's efforts to clean the spill up. It's so heartening to see that despite your access to the internet, you haven't bothered to educate yourself on the facts before blasting conservatives, whom you have a clear prejudice against. Congratulations! You're a bigot.

    Thank you for sharing your ignorance with us, just in time for a holiday the significance of which I'm sure you're equally unaware of :^)

  3. Well said ravenhairedmaid, another tidbit for thought, why is it that FEMA has no jurisdiction over this situation? You hardly hear a peep out of that agency!


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