Friday, July 23, 2010

Mo State Auditor Candidate Tom Schweich Reacts to Questions About McCaskill Donation.

Tuesday 7-20-10 in Wildwood MO a candidate forum was held featuring GOP State Auditor Candidates Allen Icet and Tom Schweich.

Fellow Patriot Activist Fred Sauer and I attended this event with the intention to ask Schweich about a $500 donation he made to Claire McCaskill in 2002. Yes that's right, GOP State Auditor Candidate Tom Schweich gave dough to Claire Bear.

The event format was such that all questions were submitted in writing. So Fred did exactly that. Of course the moderator did not choose our question about the McCaskill donation or any of the other questions Fred had prepared.

The debate was standard stuff with the candidates not wanting to beat up on each other. I thought that Schweich came off a little better than Icet. The audience seemed to agree. But how many of those very conservative Wildwood voters would have felt that way if they knew that Schweich gave cash Claire McCaskill? They didn't know because it didn't come up.

As the debate/forum ended the moderator told the audience to stick around and ask further questions of the candidates if we so desired. So we did. This is what happened.

That reaction tells me that he clearly doesn't want the voters of Missouri to know about this. Otherwise why not take the opportunity to clear it up? Instead he ran away while his overzealous staffer grabbed my camera.

Patriots, ask yourself this question. Would you ever give money to Claire McCaskill or any other Liberal Democrat?

It just doesn't pass the smell test.

Purge The RINOs 2010!


  1. Old Hat!! Sharp, you and Fred are about 12 months behind the times. Missouri has known about that '01 donation through (real) reporting, out-of-context emails, and even Schweich addressing it himself.

    At a Clay County Pachys meeting, Schweich himself brought this up. In 2001, a law partner and mentor asked for his help, so out of friendship and professional courtesy, he did.

    Looking a little further into this, when he made the donation there was no Republican candidate in the Auditor field, and the guy who wound up running had a rap sheet from Minnesota for his shady business dealings! My guess is that this was not a politically-motived donation fellas.

    Bolton and Ashcroft endorsed Schweich... doesn't get much more conservative than that. Icet is a lobbyist puppet who allegedly can't conform to financial reporting requirements. Why would anyone vote Icet again?

    I'm sticking w. Schweich.

  2. So Schweich is the better candidate but you want to take him down? You would prefer to have a less qualified candidate run against a Democratic incumbent than to give the full story behind that donation?

    I'm sorry, but the "viral" video does not make up for shoddy journalism.

  3. Schweick's got my vote. He's got auditing experience, he's worked in Afghanistan fighting the poppy-farms that fund Taliban, and if John Bolton, John Ashcroft, and Missouri Right to Life support him, he's the guy I want fighting corruption in our state.

    Having heard them both on KMOX, it doesn't that seem Icet's qualified for the job.

  4. Resumes speak for themselves, and the bottom line is that Icet can't hold a candle to Schweich. Schweich's got my vote.

  5. Old news Sharp Elbows... Why dont you ask the "conservative" Icet how much Obama money he needed to "balance" this years budget? Or about how hes going to be an independent auditor with all of his lobbyist ties and gifts?

  6. All I need to know is that Schweich was recruited and is financially backed by Jack Danforth and Sam Fox - not your platform Republicans. Danforth gags at the thought of Patriots taking control of the Missouri Republican Party and choosing proven conservatives to run for office. I am more interested in stopping Danforth and Fox. Their money comes with strings attached.

  7. Since when do we give $$ supporting the opposing party because a " partner and mentor asked for his help, so out of friendship and professional courtesy, he did."..?

    I support those who work for my issues! NOT out of "professional Courtesy"! Outrageous, giving support to the opposition!PARTY or ISSUE!

    What I do know from personal observations is Icet has a consistent pro-life voting record. He is endorsed by: Missouri Right-to-Life and Missourians for Life.
    Schweich has NO voting record! This is about Missouri’s issues, concerns, and tax dollars.

    Who knows more about Missouri than someone who has lived, worked and been elected to serve (by thousands of people) or someone who has appointed positions? ICET gets my vote.

  8. I'm still curious about that "mean-spirited" stuff. Are "mean-spirited" Republicans declined from voting or donating? Will they be asked to stay at home? Or do we have yet another RINO "maverick" who wants the support of people he considers to be inferior and plans to betray at the first, last, and every other opportunity?

  9. Schweick's explanation is an insult to my intelligence. He wants to be state auditor but he doesn't accept responsibility for his own political donations? Sounds like the actions of someone greasing palms to join the ruling elite class. We don't need his kind elected.

  10. This comment has no relevancy to the issue, but I happened to notice the words "Be Nice" Below the post a comment suggestion. Not sure who the instruction is intended for, but some of y'all should read it.


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