Monday, July 5, 2010

Huffpo Uses Devil Horn Pic Of Netayahu.

Zomblog has more details.
Nothing Anti-Semitic There...


  1. Anti-Semitic? Lets pretend for a second that indeed the picture was cropped in an effort to frame the PM with devil horns. Exactly what do devil horns have to do with the maligning of Judaism?
    Is criticizing Israeli foreign policy anti-semitic? I have news for all the conservatives that for some reason believe Israel can do no wrong. Israel is a tremendously liberal and secular nation. Tel Aviv is known as the Brothel Capital of the World.
    I've been to Israel and have never seen as many openly gay people in public showing off their openly gayness. You conservative fucks need to venture out further than a Charlie Daniels concert.

  2. the "jew with devil horns" is a commonly used anti-semitic description/slur. this picture is portraying that.

    go watch Shasha Barron Cohen's Borat character.

  3. One wonders what anonymous will say when Iran, Hezbollocks and Syria blow Israel off the map.


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