Sunday, July 11, 2010

Actors Saying Dumb Sh## Flashback.

Yesterday I posted video of a few hollywood actors bashing conservatives. One of those actors was Joseph Gordon Levitt (the kid from "3rd Rock From The Sun")Something jogged my memory and I remembered seeing Joseph Gordon Levitt on Celebrity Jeopardy back in the 90's. He was pushing radical leftist ideology then too. Check out what "Charity" he played for.
Starts at the 1:05 mark.

Imagine the logistics of actually reaching the goal set forth by this "charity". We're talking final solution type stuff. Sick.


  1. "...too many people abusing this earth..."

    What a fine young budding elitist. Already got the sthick down. Can I punch him in the hair?

  2. Well then by his own standard he should commit suicide to alleviate the burden on the rest of us right? Actually we could have a negative population growth if all elitist moon bats killed themselves to prevent the further damage to the planet they cause everyday through irresponsible things like buying Prius'.

  3. Zero Population Growth is a CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION? Because there are too many people on the planet. This guy is an indoctrinated IDIOT! I wonder if he intends to literally donate to the organization?

  4. Even he doesn't believe his BS. Watch his body language and eyes when he talks about his "charity".


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