Sunday, June 27, 2010

Obama's Internet Kill Switch Bill Moving Full Speed Ahead.

Where the F*** are the liberals who were pissed that George Bush may have listened to some terrorist's phone calls? That was an injustice that just could not be tolerated but Obama seeking the means to shut down the ENTIRE Internet doesn't seem to bother them.
Keith Olberdouche and Rachel Maddow were screaming to high heaven about civil liberties during the Bush administration. Where are they now?
Their Bias is so Predictable it's boring.


  1. Let's ask those liberals.
    Sign up and ask questions at Move on and others.
    Maybe, just maybe, someone will think about it!

  2. Yeah, isn't this scary? Just heard about it myself this week and it's just flying through the senate. I can't imagine ANYONE thinking this is a great idea!


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