Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What An Ass. Obama Says The Daniel Pearl Beheading "Captured The World's Imagination"

He is sooo right.
I know my first reaction the Daniel Pearl video was to dream of the wonderful day that I too could cut off the head of an infidel.


  1. "It reminded us of how valuable a free press is." Yes, that is exactly what I was thinking at the time. So happy that our president is able to truly capture the feel and pulse of what Americans are thinking. The first three words of your headlines sum it up well. "Be Nice" is a very challenging phrase when discussing our current president.

  2. "captured our imagination..." More like TURNED MY STOMACH! While Christians seek to lead others to Jesus Christ and CHOOSE to receive salvation...
    Islam offers 3 options for becoming a Muslim...
    1. Convert
    2. Become a slave to the "faithful"
    3. DEATH


  3. Our imagination was not captured -- we were fortunate to see, on what is still available to us as a "free" press, the barbaric brutality of a religious/culture that has not progressed for the past 1400 years. For it's certain that a Pravda type media is on the agenda for this marxist one world government president of which he sees himself as King. If he had his way we would never have seen any of the atrocities that occurred.

  4. WHAT THE HELL?? I didn't see the video-only the picture of that cave dweller holding up his "prize" and that made me sick to my stomach. And our moronic president said it captures the imagination. Anyone who has even the slightest doubt about what side of the aisle this ASS is coming from shouldn't need any more examples. He should be impeached for hating America!!


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