Friday, May 21, 2010

Own a Small Business? Wanna Get That ObamaCare Taxcut?

Just Follow These SIMPLE Steps.

Small_business_tax_credit_path_flow -

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  1. So, at my small town Tea Party meeting, 11 "core" organizers were hatching another plan to educate the citizenry (ourselves included), and the discussion turned to disincentives for creativity. Of the 11 present, I asked for a show of hands for those who were not creating/innovating/branching out in business/engaging in some sort of entrepreneurship which they would otherwise engage in, but for the punitive and discouraging taxes/fees/regulations in the current galactic government expansion. 8 hands went up. One Ph.D., one M.D., one B.S. in EE, one successful businesswoman, several other college graduates, some salt-of-the-earth model employee Renaissance men of the blue collar variety in their 30's...basically a broad cross section, aged 20-70.

    Not statistically significant, mind you (and I understand statistics, because I took that course, and learned something), but pretty interesting.


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