Saturday, April 24, 2010

SHOCKER: ObamaCare To Cause People To Lose Their Private Insurance.

Oh, and America as a whole will be paying more..Thanx Barry!
Hattip Gateway Pundit


  1. Any time the Democrats thrust themselves into the private sector...there are ALWAYS unintended circumstances.

    Who gave us The Community Re-Investment Act (led to the mortgage mess), Fannie (led the mortgage mess and broke), Freddie (see Fannie), Social Security (broke), Medicare (broke), Medicaid (broke and breaking the states too)? Who gave us the Fed that has been part of creating two depressions? Democrats.

    We can save our country..but only if we get even more motivated and work our tails off and donate money to help true fiscal conservatives candidates. Even then it will probably get worse before it gets better...but it will. With Socialism...we are doomed. America is at the top of world. We will fall the furthest and fastest as the politicians seek to make everyone on the globe equal. What they will achieve is making the whole world like the failed state of Cuba.

  2. This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Many of us radical Teapartiers actually took time to read parts if not all of the some 2000-page Obamacare bill. Alarms and whistles were going off then. But then, somehow, we had it all wrong. We just didn't understand.

    Hopefully as word of this gets around, maybe more people will step up and protest up coming bills like immigration reform, and cap-and-tax

    A Resident of the US SR

  3. Make your survey more readable. I read it incorrectly the first time.

  4. The first post left out Barney Frank. He was a, if not the, driving force threatening commercial banks with the redevelopment act while telling Fannie & Freddie not to worry if credit standards were not met. No problem, he told President Bush on his second attempt to rein in F & F. Everyone deserves a home whether or not they can afford it. Had Frank not instigated the sub-prime fiasco that the rating agencies blessed, the evil banks would not have been able to securitize same. So the evil banks now face crushing legislation while Barney skips merrily through a field of posies. Justice - what's that?


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