Sunday, April 4, 2010

Google Snubs Easter.

Google, who changes their logo all the time to reflect holidays or important dates, has chosen not to recognize Easter.
A few months ago they changed their logo to celebrate the birthday of "Sesame Street". Yet today on Easter Sunday they display their standard logo.
Big Bird's Birthday is worth acknowledging but the Resurrection of Christ is not?

Nothing but class over there at google.


  1. Today's the day Christians believe Jesus Christ was resurrected from the dead, and 78% of Americans share that belief.

    A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 10% don't believe Christ rose from the dead, and another 11% are not sure.

    I don't subscribe to the whole ball of wax either.
    Religion *is* the opiate for the people.

  2. It's really no big deal. They are not obligated to do so, are they? Besides, Easter comes from a Pagan
    celebration adopted by the Church simply for wider appeal. It is not my "cup of tea", either, though I fully accept Christ's resurrection.

  3. Christians should be honoring the Passover Feast as a celebration of Christ's Ressurrection rather than on the very pagan Easter "holiday". All of the feasts of Israel should be important to every Christian, at least worthy of some study.

  4. Really? Adam Sharp this is a new low even for you. You're angry at a corporation for not pandering to a religion? In all fareness I dont recall google reaching out to the muslim community during any of there holidays. Who gives a flip what google does with its logo. Another nonissue, was fox news not putting out any propaganda for you to post? Go do something productive like drive around st.charles county with your other fellow teabag loons.

  5. Well I at least got your point, even if some of your other readers want to take this opportunity to bash Christianity. You’re right; Google snubs Easter every year. They’re a sickening pack of heathen leftists over there, and I always make it my business to use other search engines. But on the topic of Easter, read Frank Morison’s wonderful book Who Moved the Stone? Mr Morison was the Johnny Cochran of his day and he felt he could rebute the entirety of Christianity if he could debunk the resurrection. He ended up becoming a Christian and the first chapter of his book was entitled The Book That Refused to be Written.

  6. Just a reminder that TOPEKA (I mean Google) DID celebrate APRIL FOOL'S DAY!! And since April 1 is the Atheists' National Holiday ("The fool hath said in his heart that there is no God...")it would appear that Google has chosen to elevate secular humanism and diminish the faith of the majority of Americans. It seems a deliberate snub.

  7. Anonymous..."Really ?..."
    You are in the wrong place.
    Readjust your radar.

  8. Gun Rights...Christianity has been hijacked by religion. I have always resented it. The terms are not synonymous.

  9. boycott google??? hahahahaha sorry if i find your boycott less than laudable, but it seems trivial.

  10. Actually, Easter does NOT come from a pagan celebration. In the first year after the Resurrection, the early church remembered the events of the week leading up to the death on the cross and Resurrection. Thereafter, the early church continued, wherever it was planted, to remember those events. It is consistent with the Jewish celebrations of Passover and the Jewish Pentecost, or remembering when Moses brought The Law to the Jewish people. Jews fasted on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the first century and leading up to major feasts such as Passover. IT is the window-dressing, commercial customs that have their origins in pagan customs. In the Christian East, there is continuity in the observance of "Pascha" which is the East's word for Easter, and comes from the Hebrew word for Passover. "Easter" the English word, has it's origins in the name of a pagan celebration. The remembrance of the events of Pascha, is a nearly two-thousand year old re-telling of one of the 'master stories'of Christianity.

  11. H.C. said...
    Gun Rights...Christianity has been hijacked by religion. I have always resented it. The terms are not synonymous.

    GR4U responds: And what in my post above led you to believe that I have any difficulty discerning Christianity from religion?


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