Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Patriots Protest President in St Louis!

Some Liberals acted like assholes...Big Surprise!!

I also overheard this guy complaining about "The Indians". I don't think he was talking about baseball.

Video coming soon.


  1. I'll concede that there are better options than abortion the day you religious zealots concede that gay marriage and the right for gays to adopt is something that should be done in the name of equal rights. Plus if we made it easier for gays to adopt then we wont have so many children of the state draining the tax dollars you hate to spend, especially for social services, we can definetly spend away for defense though.

  2. Anonymous said...
    I'll concede that there are better options than abortion the day you religious zealots concede that gay marriage and the right for gays to adopt is something that should be done in the name of equal rights. Plus if we made it easier for gays to adopt then we wont have so many children of the state draining the tax dollars you hate to spend, especially for social services, we can definetly spend away for defense ------there is no such thing as 'gay marriage' so there is nothing there to concede to. Religous zealot, dunno, But I sure hope to hear 'well done good and faithful servant' when I stand before the Lord on Judgement day. How about you?

  3. There is such a thing as gay marraige in Iowa, MA, VT, NH, CT, and Wash DC. What do you mean there is no such thing as gay marriage? Nah i'm not to worried about non-existent beings judging if I go to fire world or blow job world.

  4. Found you through Gateway Pundit. Well done, everybody! Great Tea Party in St. Louis. Too bad Obama drinks other beverages....

  5. You forgot to post thes pictures Mr. Elbows

  6. "There's not one american flag on their side, not one" "They're not american", really is that the point you were trying to get across? Besides maybe students studying abroad here I'm willing to guess 99.9999% of the people were actually white americans on that side, born of this country although not native americans also born of this country. Just cause you dont hide behind a flag does not mean you're less american or that your opinion is not valid. What is the point of flying an american flag on washington ave, to prove you're american?? Thats silly, we're all americans what would be the point? Save your flag for the World Cup. This isnt a dialogue between americans and immigrants, we obvioulsy have different view points, and no not socialist viewpoints on my side. Again this is why primetime msnbc has to exist because of you liars, and I do mean liars in that you misrepresent or run scare tactics to stir up a frightened public to think that their personal liberties are at stake. I could get an american flag tattoo, but that wouldnt make me more of a patriot than anyone else correct? I think on Washington AVE it was not an argument of who was american it was an argument of the job of governemnt. But i'm just a socialist so what do i know?

  7. Oh by the way 63.5 million people voted for Obama, 9.5 million more votes than the 2nd place candidate, are all 63.5 mill not american? Or american Haters? Surely not everyone that shows up at a rally can fully encompass the larger crowd, right? After all Mr. Elbows I dont think you're racist, mentally ill, or suffering from marijuana induced paranoia. I dont understand why you dont acknowledgee that we do have a representive government, WE ELECTED THEM!!!!, AGAIN THIS POINT IS IMPORTANT ,they are our elected officials because WE ELECTED THEM!!!! Democracy served. Case over dummy.

  8. You realize that most of these 63.5 million people voted for Obama because he's black and they didn't want to be called "racist", right? Also they voted for him because he promised them failed Euro-peon ideas. Ideas, which can be seen not to work right now in Europe.

    And now more and more Americans are waking up from their "post-racial", political correct "dream".

    I'm not American, but I say, when it comes to Obama: Four years and out. Please, throw that marxist clown out of the WH.

  9. Obama is well into his second wasted year focused on a health care takeover that nobody wants while the country struggles with a real unemployment rate of 17%. The blow hard politicians continue to ignore the people. Welcome to socialism, America.

  10. "I'll concede that there are better options than abortion the day you religious zealots concede that gay marriage and the right for gays to adopt is something that should be done in the name of equal rights."

    You're basically saying that you'll keep your silence on the deaths of unborn babies until you get what you want.

    That's your choice. Unfortunately for those babies, even in California, voters have rejected this notion that marriage should be redefined. I have no issue with contractual agreements between consenting adults. I do have an issue with gays demanding churches marry them or suing photographers who refuse to be hired for gay ceremonies. As for you claim that adoption of a child is a "right," uh, it's not even a "right" for heterosexual married couples. It's a privilege.

  11. Anon #6

    The rights to peacably assemble and to petition our government for redress of grievances are both constitutional rights which preceed the state.
    Election to office isn't a licence to rule. It is a permit to govern subject to the will of the electorate.
    Might want to crack open a history book, dummy.

  12. "I'm willing to guess 99.9999% of the people were actually white americans on that side,"

    Don't you love brave Anonymous posters who post about things that they're "guessing" about? Try going to one of these Tea Party rallies, Anon. Then you wouldn't have to "guess" about who are the people showing up.

    What I noticed about the (pretty slight) coverage of this rally on the local evening news last night was that not one station mentioned "Tea Party." It was so consistent that I honestly wonder if they have marching orders from somewhere. It's just an observation.

    Good job as usual, Sharp. I saw you there in your SEIU purple beatdown t-shirt and I wanted to get a picture of you, but I was so pressed into the middle of the crowd that I couldn't move.

  13. To say that right wing conservative "activists" are narrow minded and idiotic is a HUGE understatement. The garbage that spews from your mouths is both disturbing and insulting...not to mention filled with lies and hypocrisy. One has to wonder if they even have the capacity to think for themselves. I for one doubt it. They cling to the talking points of their party and use fear and intimidation to rally their moronic base.

    To say that US citizens with an opposing viewpoint are "unpatriotic" is laughable and only serves to divide people. I suppose you're using the "divide and conquer" theory.

    Really, Mr. Sharp. Don't you have better things to do with your time than perpetuate lies and hate? You, sir, are disappointing. Grow up, get a brain in that big noggin of yours that actually gives you the ability to think for yourself, and get off your moral high horse because when you's gonna hurt.

  14. If you'll remember correctly, the "majority" of Americans didn't want GW in 2000; Gore won the popular vote. Just some food for thought since you like like to use the "majority" argument. Can't always get what you want. I learned that when I was 3.

  15. Speculation that conservatives can't think for themselves and live off talking points, yet the White House puts out talking points about the Health Bill, conservatives are narrowminded, yet Obamacare is narrowminded in the fact that it's the road to a singlepayer system, ( if you don't believe that then you don't think for yourself and you're narrowminded )... Most subjects conservatives bring up about the health bill are true, in the fact that the problems they bring up are actual problems with the English HC system, my wife is from the UK, her family and her friends read the news, and are amazed that some people here believe Obama and his health care plan is going to work, but then i'm sure you know more about government run health care than people that have actually been on it and used it for their lifetimes...8 people in my family voted for obama, 8 people in my family regret voting for Obama, they all say the same reason "He isn't governing the same way he ran for office"...oh and guess what? Just because someone is elected into office, it doesn't give them the "right" to go against the majority...the actual way a politician should govern is listen to the majority... if the majority of people want grass to be painted blue but the politician's beliefs are it should be red, he/she still goes with blue...he's elected to represent the will of the people, which is the majority.... plus, we can't afford this mess... they say 1 trillion, that alone is too much but when is the last time the government went under or met what they quoted? Government health care runs in the red in every country that has it, it's rationed in every nation that has it, the number of patients are too much for the doctors and nurses, in every country that has it... it's a failure in every country that has it...i might as well be talkin to a brick wall tho, because the phrase "it's free and everyone will have it" seems to be the naive belief most supporters of this bill have.

  16. Bubba,

    With all due respect sir, I disagree with you and while I am most definitely a liberal, I do not always agree with nor do I repeat the talking points of the Democratic Party. When I mention "thinking for yourself" I simply mean actually doing research for one's self rather than relying on talking heads from EITHER party. Quite frankly it makes my head spin and there is WAY too much at stake to take a strangers opinion as fact.

    I did vote for Obama and haven't always agreed with his decisions. However, I have a great amount of respect for him and what he is trying to accomplish. Believe it or not, for as much as I disliked and disagreed with Bush I have a certain amount of compassion for him. I did not agree with most of his beliefs; yet I never once doubted his love for his country. People are different and have opinions and values that are not held by others. Does that make one more patriotic than the other? No. Does it mean that one doesn't love their country? No. Conflict has been here since the beginning of humans, it's who we are.

    I am one of the "uninsured". I have children; one of whom is severely disabled and requires me to stay home for his care. My husband busted his ass and went back to school while working full time. He has a good job working for a small company who does not provide health insurance. To insure myself and my husband would cost hundreds of dollars a month and put us in financial peril. We have had emergencies arise that required medical care and have paid literally thousands out of our pockets. When a doctor charges $900.00 for literally 10 minutes of their time that is a clear signal that something is wrong.

    Absolutely they should be compensated well for their expertise but the cost of basic care is exorbitant. Even had we been insured we would have had hundreds if not thousands of out of pocket expenses as well as a monthly premium.

    Health care may not be a "priority" for some; but for the ones who are ONE illness or accident away from potential financial devastation it is an ever present concern. I most likely have a progressive systemic illness according to my physician but have put off medical care because if I am "officially" diagnosed it will be near impossible for me to find coverage. Let me tell you, that is a hard pill to swallow.

    And before anyone assumes that we receive any government assistance; we do not. We are a middle-class, honest, hard-working family who just happens to be one of the millions of uninsured that desperately need this reform.

    Again, this is MY priority. I have a family who depend on me and my family is what matters most.

    We are all entitled to our own set of beliefs and opinions. This is, after all, America.



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