Friday, March 26, 2010

"The God Father of Global Warming" Bummed Out By Freedom of Information Act.

Al Gore's guru, James Hansen is pissing and moaning about the fact that people are actually checking his work.
Hansen Writes:
"The material that we supplied to some recent FOIA requests was promptly posted on a website...within minutes"
Note To Mr Hansen: Don't delete data that proves your bullshit theories wrong. Oh and also stop fabricating data that supports your theories. If you follow those two simple rules, the Freedom of Information Act shouldn't be a problem. Click Here For The Full Story.


  1. Hansen has used his official NASA email address for many years to lobby heads of foreign states to adopt his poltical agenda. Using the following email addresses.

    If you try, you will obtain all his previous emails pushing his position.

    The use of his Government credentials for his personal poltical purpose, and in use for the sole purpose of placing influence on foreign governments- clearly against the law.

    His latest email from even a different account, attests that he is again changing the data from the past to more closely follow his model.

    "(3) A new global temperature record (for the period of instrumental measurements) will be set within the next few months (Figure 10b and accompanying information)."

    You may email me for a copy.

  2. It is interesting that even after being exposed, the university where I am employed put out a statement claiming to support its scientists who are part of the lie.


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