Sunday, March 21, 2010


Russ Carnahans Manchester office 7 pm tonight. Bring Candles as we will be mourning the loss of our liberty!!
UPDATE!!! According to Patch from the P/oed Patriot. The candle light vigil has turned into a funeral procession to RUSS'S HOUSE, complete with coffin!
You are about to be less free than you were when you woke up this morning.

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  1. While you are "mourning the loss" of your agenda; there are millions of Americans who will be rejoicing at the passage of this bill. I will be one of them.

    I know that it would actually require compassion for your fellow man to acknowledge the importance of this reform; therefore I would never expect a neo-conservative to do so. But at this juncture; who cares? The American people as a whole will benefit greatly; even the ones who so vehemently oppose it.

    I have grown weary of argument and discord amongst fellow Americans. I would bet my last dollar that ALL Americans would agree that our government is "broken" and has been long before President Obama took office. I believe our founding fathers would be ashamed and embarrassed by the past and current state of our great nation. We as a people need to come together to ensure that their legacy and what they fought for was not in vain.

    Having said that, we must not ignore the importance of ensuring every American, regardless of "class", has a fair shot at a decent life, not just the privileged.

    Each and every one of us faces challenges; let us not forget that no one is perfect nor are we immune from hardship. For the millions who oppose reform there are millions who support it and more importantly NEED it. Is this bill perfect? No. Would it ever have been? No. Is it a step in the right direction for ALL Americans? Yes.

    The arrogance and selfishness of those who oppose this bill is shameful and I feel sorry for any human who lives their life in such a way as to diminish and neglect the needs of their fellow man. They claim to be fighting for the constitution, for a flag, for a "principle" but what they are doing is fighting AGAINST what is fair and just to ALL Americans. They are the ones who have lost their way and I truly hope, from the depths of my soul, that one day we, as a culture, can fight side by side for one another and because of one another. That is the only way we will ever truly achieve what this great nation was intended to be.


  2. Great work here, keep up the good fight as we have much more fighting to do against these Tyrants in our Government! The cockroaches will be squashed but not soon enough! You have been linked - Conservative Bloggers are Fighting for every Americans Freedom -

  3. Anonymous:

    Having read your ingenuine statement about being tired of the discord and arguing among Americans; I feel the need to refute some of your opinions. Your tone is a little less than apathetic and, quite frankly, passively agressive.

    How is this forced health care plan really benefiting Americans? We are faced with an overwhelming amount of unemployment. People are forced to choose eating over keeping their homes. It's unimaginable to me that the day may come when people will have to choose food over medical insurance premiums. Who is this plan designed to help, other than the insurance companies, the pharmacutical companies and the government? What happens to the people who can't pay their premiums, over an extended period of time? This is only going to cause discord and argument among fellow Americans.

    In accordance with your comment about our fore-fathers not fighting in vain, keep in mind, just as important as what they fought for; is what they fought against.

    When we forget the tyranny they fought against we will fall back into monarchy. Never forget that they fought for the people to rule the government, not the other way around. The constitution was written for the people by the people.

    You can bash and hate those of us who oppose this health care reform plan, but is it really health care reform at all? Human euthanasia, abortion insurance and insurance company guided relief is not my idea of reform.

    Giving tax breaks for exercising and planting your own food is reform. Teaching people about natural medicinal remedies over chemically induced alternatives, is reform. Investing in natural medicine. Give incentives to farmers all over the world to grow the plants and herbs necessary for medicinal purposes. Ween people off chemically induced, life prolonging, poison. Help Monsanto develop natural fertilizers. Get American people off GMOs. Add adoption issurance. Give grants to medical facilities who find cures for disease using natural alternatives vs. chemicals. How about providing medical treatment to anyone who walks in the door, regardless of insurance authorization? Denying care is essentially discrimination, yet happens daily.

    We can throw all kinds of tax dollars at car manufacturers and lending institutions, yet we can't truly reform health care, can we?

    I will stop short of bashing and name calling against those who truly believe this plan will behoove them. My challenge to you Mr. Anonymous: tell me how this plan is going to advance the American civilization? Give me 3 examples of ways, you believe, this health care reform bill is going to help the American people.

    You mention every man should have a fair chance at a decent life. Then American business owners should have extended to them the same luxuries the government extends foreign business owners. Foreigners receive more tax breaks and social benefits than Americans do, yet some never had to work to pay into the social security or medicare funds.

    It's not my intention to sound condescending and hateful toward you or those who share your belief system. So with all do respect I say, quit hating and bashing those who think downstream.

    Let us not forget: discord and argument is in your own homes. It will never go away no matter how far you run.

  4. It's Mrs. Anonymous. : ) And I actually thank you for your well spoken and intelligent response. And for the record, I am anything but disingenuous. Perhaps if there were more of this type of dialogue amongst us we could actually progress as a society.

    I'm sure there are a plethora of points we can actually agree on and there are others that we fundamentally will never see eye to eye on. You put forth some great ideas and I will give credit where credit is due.

    Health insurance reform is personal for me as I am one of the uninsured with a pre-existing medical condition. My family has already had to make some of the difficult choices you mentioned in your post and is not a hypothetical for me. With the passage of this bill I can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I will now be able to have access to health insurance.

    As I previously stated; our government has been broken for a long time. I recently watched a documentary on the Exxon-Valdez and let me just say that I was disgusted at what I saw. Big corporations, the government, our justice system...they continually let the people down and trample on our rights. It doesn't matter if you're republican, democrat, or independent. No one is immune. Scary.

    I am genuinely tired of discord and argument and perhaps I was passive aggressive in my response. I believe in personal responsibility and will admit quite readily my own faults. I do believe this bill is a step in the right direction but I am ready to admit that there is plenty more work to be done. We as a society need to become more health conscious and more needs to be done to ensure as a whole we are educated on how our own health decisions impact the overall cost of health care.

    Let me reiterate that you made some valid points and many of your statements I actually agree with. I truly wish that more Americans on both sides of the issues could have a civil and thoughtful dialogue as many might be surprised at just how much we really have in common.

    You asked for 3 ways this plan will help the American people. While I cannot speak for everyone; I can give you 3 examples on how this will help my family.

    1. I will finally be able to acquire health insurance and begin treatment for my autoimmune disease that is a pre-existing condition.

    2. Beginning aggressive treatment will ensure that I will be able to continue raising and taking care of my children without fear of my condition worsening and rendering me unable to physically care for all of my kids; including my fully disabled child.

    3. I will not have to spend countless hours worrying about how to pay for such treatment while still maintaining financial security for my family.

    Again, this is on a personal level. I've never had an issue with paying premiums for my health care. The problem for us was access. My husband works for a small business that as of now does not offer coverage; although they are finally considering it. Hopefully in the future more small business will do so as well. On our own the premiums were insanely high; and again I would not have acquired coverage based on my disease.

    I truly hope this reform helps everyone but am not naive. There is always the potential for missteps even if the intentions were good. I am willing to give it some time and patience. And for the record; if this turns out to be a major blunder I will be the first to admit that I was wrong.



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