Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Obama Lies About Campaign Finance Reform. Alito Confirms.

Left Side Of The Screen at The 18 Second Mark.


  1. It takes an immense ego and arrogance to dis the Supreme Court sitting in front of you and knowing they have the grace to not show approval or disapproval through any Presidential address.
    By the way, where was Clarence Thomas?

  2. Yeah, considering that Obama's Natural Born Citizenship is hanging on a tenuous thread (as in: Born with dual-citizenship and having a father who was not even an American citizen), it is the acme of hubris to stand there and disrespect the SCOTUS---right in front of their faces!


  3. I thought it was disgraceful for Obama to embarrass the Supreme Court. What bad form! His arrogance knows no bounds. He makes me sick.


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