Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Crashing Another Move On Rally!

Move On .org held a rally outside Claire McCaskill's office Tuesday. I stopped by to see how the libs are feeling after the loss of the "Kennedy Seat". They were happy to see me and I was welcomed with open arms... Well That's what I thought would happen. After all these are liberals, they're the tolerant ones right? Maybe it was my sign.

Did You Feel The Love? The guy following me around and attempting to block my sign while calling me a "teabagger" is a former principal of Kirkwood High School here in St Louis. Very classy guy huh? That's him in below. Watch his liberal logic in the 2nd vid, the sign I was holding isn't protected free speech because I don't believe what was written on it?!?! Umm...right.

MoveOn.Org Astroturf Rally 1-26-10 from Doug Edelman on Vimeo.

Video by Doug E


  1. Awesome blog!!! I maintain my residence in the show me state, though I am stationed in the Marine Corps in Arizona currently. Keep up the good work in my home state and let's get Obama loving McCaskill out in 2012!!!


  2. Great job, Sharp and Doug E. The Leftist Statists are going to become increasingly deranged as more people wake up to what it is they really want--BIG GOVERNMENT. The Tea Party movement owes you a big thank you for all of your great work this past year in getting the word out.

  3. The former Kirkwood principal is a disgrace, by the way. Sad to think that people like that are the ones teaching our kids. Actually, "teaching" is the wrong word--what they're doing is brainwashing. Homeschooling or charter schools are ideas that are looking better all the time.

  4. I went to KHS. He was principal after I was there. His name is Franklin McCaulley. What a disgrace!

  5. That guy is allways going on about how he is a Navy veteran and his service gives others the right to free speach.

    But apparently that right only applies when its convienent for him.

    Hey there shipmate, that isn't how it works. Being a vet doesn't give you extra constitutional privledges.

    I didn't make this one but I think I'll explain it to him next time.

    LT (ret)

  6. Franklin McCallie is indicative of what our kids at KHS are learning...still. It's not as bad as when he was there, but there remains the underlying theme of non critical thinking he protrayed at this rally. FREE ABORTIONS ARE BEING DEMANDED BY THE PROGRESSIVE ARM OF THIS PARTY. What's wrong with this sign? The TRUTH McCallie...he can't HANDLE the truth! He shouldn't be ashamed of what the progressives want. After all, Adam is just futhering their agenda. He should be proud of a teabagger helping get their message to the masses...after all, the people are so stupid, the progressives will show them the way...right?

    Thanks for shining the light on these people. If you are going to stand for the atrocity of this bill, you stand for the abortion provisions as well. And don't circumvent the issue, McCallie. I am glad you are gone from KHS. I'm glad people can see you for what you are...a namecalling progressive. Makes you feel proud of your educators here in Kirkwood, hmm?

  7. That was great!

    The Left does want "FREE abortions"...they just don't want anyone to talk about it.

    They want Health Care to cover illegal aliens...they just don't want anyone to talk about it.

    The reason being, is MOST Americans do NOT want it covering abortion or illegals. If it is publicized that these will be covered, support for the HC bill plummets.
    The truth hurts.

    Keep up the great work, and keep spreading the word!

  8. What is the difference between a liberal calling you a teabagger and the off color remarks conservatives make about liberals? Answer, no difference. Both people are juvenile retards.

  9. Hey B. No one posted any juvenile remarks about liberals on this site. Looks like "Shipmate", "progressive" and "leftist statist" were the labels put on McCallie and his fellow protestors. I would believe these would be words you could use in polite company.

    Let's see..."teabagger"...a vulgar term our children should not be subject to hearing. Don't give me this "both are juvenile retards".
    Who is the group stooping to vulgarities?

    Bottom line. Progressives DEMAND free abortions be put in the health bill. Adam had a great point. His sign was on target.

    Tell me again about the off color remarks conservatives made about liberals here? I didn't hear any. Back it up with facts, please.

  10. Mr. stupid beard, called you a teabagger 7 times, and then that you lie cheat and steal...glad I wasn't there...I don't think i'd like jail.


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