Sunday, November 1, 2009

BREAKING: Skankafazza Endorses The Democrat.

This Is Why We Didn't Want This Faker In The First Place. She Just Proved Our Point!

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  1. When do we get our millions back.

    Or is the FEC going to show that the Party Of The Won was supported by the Republicans?

  2. What I'm going to say may sound strange coming from my I.D. I created it a couple of years ago sort of as a joke to comment on a friend's blog. It's the only way I can comment here, so bare with me.

    Let the other side call us teabaggers, racists, extremists, wingnuts, whatever. We know we are right and have the superior ideology. The majority of the country sees things our way. We will win in the end.

    That's why I'd prefer we not stoop to their level and engage in the name calling, especially on a personal level. If we focus on the issues and conduct ourselves civilly, we will not only win, but also look better for it in the end. Just my opinion.

    I've visited your blog a few times now, and enjoy it. Keep up the good work.

  3. Point taken, Maybe youre right.

    But,I was easy on this broad until she knifed us in the back. (is broad bad too?)

    I was pissed when I wrote that. It Maybe a tad over the top. You Gotta admit it's kinda funny though.

    Or maybe you don't think so and thats ok too.

    BUT, Its Sharp Elbows not Kid Gloves.

    Sometimes I have to leave the civility to those who are more refined than myself.(which is almost everyone)

    Thanx For visiting my site!


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