Tuesday, August 11, 2009

McCaskill Town Hall Meeting 8-11-09

Senator McCaskill Did Not Take Questions. She Read Questions Written On Cards By People Who Attended This Event. This Tactic Allows The Senator To Waste Time With Long Answers And Also Rules Out Follow Up Questions. I Submitted My Question But I Knew The Chances Were Slim To None That I Would Get Called On. So I Stood...With My Hand Up....For Nearly The Full 2 Hours. I Knew That If I Was Not Disruptive But Persistent She Would Have to Acknowledge Me. And If She Didn't She Would Be Called On It. Finally, As The Event Was Winding Down. Senator McCaskill's Mommy Told Her To Call On Me. So She Did. Please Forgive Me For The Shaky Nature Of The Following Video.
In Her Answer To Me Senator McCaskill Mentioned Tax Incentives To Keep Employers From Dumping Employee Coverage. Unless That Incentive Is Equal To Or Greater Than The Savings That The Employer Will Incur By Dumping Coverage. They Wont Take It. You CAN NOT Legislate Away Profit Motive. And If They Make It Illegal For Employers To Dump Coverage, They'll Cover You Till Your Contract Is Up. Then They Will Simply Not Renew Your Policy Thus ObamaCare Here You Come! She Sited The State Of Massachusetts As An Example. Now Class, What Have We Learned About Mass. And It's HealthCare System? Video Refresher Course Below.

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