Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Liberal Tolerance In The McCaskill Audience.

If You Read My Previous Post, You Know That I Stood With My Hand Raised For Nearly 2 Hours At The McCaskill TownHall Meeting In Hillsboro MO On Tuesday. I Was Told By Several McCaskill Supporters To Put My Hand Down. At One Point One Of Claire's Staffers Even Gestured For Me To Put My Hand Down. I Did Not Comply. So I Guess The Very Nice Gentleman Next To Me Was Concerned For My Well Being. Because He Offered To Take Me To The Parking Lot For Some Tylenol (for my tired arm). I Thought That Was Nice Of Him. lol You Be The Judge.Veiled Threat Or Concerned Citizen?Listen Closely At The Beginning Of The Clip.

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  1. maybe if you followed the directions you wouldn't have had to keep your arm raised thus making your arm tired.


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