Friday, July 31, 2009

They Can't Run An Automobile Rebate Program, Let's Give Them Our HealthCare.

This Is A Classic Example. Cash For Clunkers. Govt Gives You Money Tward A New More Efficient Vehicle. They Take Your Old Vehicle and Destroy It. The First Thing Is They Are Pissing Away A Huge Revenue Stream By Not Stripping Them For Parts. Those "clunkers" Are Money That The Govt Is Quite Literally Throwing Away. Second, The Freaking Program Ran Outta Money In 4 Days. 1 Billion dollars In 4 Days. Do The Math Thats Somthing Like 220 Thousand Cars At $4500 Per Car. That Doesnt Seem To Add Up So There Must Be Some Waste There Somewhere. So 4 Days 1 Billion Dollars And Now Congress Passes ANOTHER 2 BILLION. So I Guess thats Funding For 8 More Days. And In 8 Days How Much Will They Need? And Where The HELL Are They Getting This 2 Billion From? Obama Himself Said We're Outta Money. Just Keep On Spending And Printing More Money Until We're Using The Dollar For Toilet Paper. Great Job Barry.

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