Friday, July 31, 2009

Secret service Points Guns At Tea Party Protesters?

Gateway Pundit Is Reporting That Tea Party Protesters Had Guns Pointed At Them By The Secret Service In Virginia. Click HERE For Details.Here Is The Picture Of The Incident.
To All Of My Fellow Tea Partiers, Do Not Let This Intimidate You. Because That Is What It Was Meant To Do. If Anything This Should Fire You Up To Do More. If Youre As Pissed About This As I Am, Use That Energy To Make DAMN Sure That This President's Agenda Goes Down In Flames. Show Them We Are Not Scared And We Will NEVER Back Down.
Join Us On 8-22-09 In Protest Outside Of Every Office Of Clair McCaskill And Russ Carnahan. St. Louis Tea Party .com Has More Info.

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