Friday, November 18, 2011

Sexual Assault at #OccupyStLouis- Mayor's Office Responds By Attacking The Tea Party - Calls Police Sgt an "Extremist"

Local CBS affiliate KMOV reports-

KMOV's 2nd Report Features Toned Down Rhetoric From The Mayor's Office.

HT- P-Oe'd Patriot who actually broke this story.


  1. These Mayors are enabling this movement and ignoring the law. I hope St. Louis either recalls him or votes him out asap.

    I will include this in the next edition of Mad libs.

  2. Who is "They" (are using this as a political stunt to derail local-control)? I LOVE objective and factual reporting!!!!

  3. The report of the black mob of violence against an elderly white male that Mayor Slay witnessed was also sanitized. Mayor Slay, his police driver, and the media did not mention the groups race. Mayor Slay was not much help to the victim. It sounds to me from the interview that Slay and his police driver just witnessed the attack and took no kind of action. What is wrong with that picture? The policeman should be armed and they do have access to a radio as well as their cell phones. So, why did they not take aggressive action to go after the perpetrators? Remember, Slay wants City Control over the police department. Is this the type of protection the citizens can expect if they do get control of the STLPD?


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