Saturday, October 8, 2011

Occupy St Louis is Occupied By Violent Homo-Phobic Thugs.

I have more video coming but this is the gist of the attitude at Occupy St Louis.

I was trying to leave after persistently questioning those who lied to me. (That video is forth coming.)

In the mean time cleanse your palate with your daily blast of HATE from the Occupy A-holes. You've Seen it all over the country. Now St Louis.


  1. That pathetic little punk took his shirt off and rushed ya because he knew someone would stop him.

    Another great catch, Adam.

  2. As a pretty conservative homosexual I've participated in occupy events, in fact you even talked to me yesterday whilst there. I have to say that people here are open, friendly, and show no discrimination. I doubt I could come to a tea party with my partner and get the same respect

  3. Jason - "That pathetic little punk took his shirt off and rushed ya because he knew someone would stop him." - That was hilarious! He totally did that!

    Gotta love those libs!

  4. Hate language targeted at any person is wrong. The person using the language in the video was wrong to do so, but that person does not represent the majority of OWS protesters.

    The attempt by the provocateur at the mic in this video to stir up the hatred, then play up a provoked response is every bit as reprehensible as the offensive remark itself.

    The intentions of the producer(s) of this video are completely transparent - yellow journalism.

  5. Conservative Gay, please don't make assumptions about what would happen if you went to a tea party. Please come to one of our events check for our schedule. we do have a Ron Paul faction... you might be pleasantly surprised. also I'm glad you had a good time but you heard what he said on the video... promise you that would never happen at a Tea Party.

  6. What events? The St. Louis Tea Party, like most TP groups across the country, is cancelling its events due to lack of interest.

  7. really? our last after party was overflowing, had to get a bigger venue... hey how's the attendance and those huge Coffee Party events?


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