Tuesday, October 4, 2011

O-F*CKIN'-BAMAAA!!! Rude Racist Obama Supprters Descend on TEA Party Protest,

President Obama was in St Louis on Tuesday to highlight more Solyndra-Like Green B.S.

Of course the Tea Party was there to protest the President's Policies and a few Obama supporters were there as well.

Unfortunately the Obama supporters turned out to be racist and rude.

This guy calls Bush a "White Mother F*cker". He then goes on to predict riots in America based on Europe and he sees the Occupy Wallstreet Protests as the starting point.

More to come...


  1. Obama supporters can't even hold a conversation amongst themselves without slipping in a profanity after every other two or three words.

  2. Their profanity is a gauge of the intelligence of the average Obama supporter.

  3. Learn how to hold the damn camera steady! It's nauseating


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