Saturday, September 17, 2011

Crowder Reports a Ponzi Scheme to The S.E.C.

Crowder calls the S.E.C. and lays out Social Security for the (Agent?) on the phone. He of course doesn't tell her he's talking about Social Security. The SEC agent agrees something fishy is going on here, until Crowder reveals his concerns are not with a private company but with Social Security.

I'm gonna curse on this one cuz it's worth it.... FUCKING BRILLIANT!!

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  1. Social Security was never meant to be paid out; it was meant to be a slush fund for the Democrat/Statists when it was set up by the Democrat/Socialist President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, FDR. People paid into the Ponzi scheme of Social Security and Medicare and they should receive benefits from it. Some people make the point that people receiving Social Security get back more than what they contributed. Are they saying something is wrong with that? How would you explain a 401 k plan or other types of investments where people earn interest on the money they invested? They would be receiving more than what they contributed. It's called compounding interest, look it up.

    The solution to the problem regarding Social Security is to privatize it. A similar solution should be done with Medicare. However, both parties, Republicans and Democrats are against privatizing Social Security, because they want control of the money. The Republicans and Democrats solution to Social Security is to raise the retirement age, raise taxes or cut benefits or a combination of all three and that frustrates me. Why should some fat bureaucrats tell someone when they can retire? Retirement should be up to the individual when he has enough money to live the lifestyle he can afford. It should be left up to the individual. Everyone should have their own account so the individual makes the decision when to retire and what to do with their money. The system needs to be reformed where everyone is eventually weaned off of the system and everyone would eventually get their own private accounts. It took us 75 years to get to where we are at with Social Security, so I say have a 75 year plan to wean everyone from the current system to a private individually owned and controlled system. This is what should be done to reform Social Security. Anyone who says the solution to reforming the Social Security retirement system is to raise the retirement age, raise taxes or cut benefits should just STFU!


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