Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Despite a Pile of Evidence UMSL Police Have Yet to Charge Don Giljum.

Let's take a look at the facts.

-#1 My Statement. I told UMSL Police that Giljum assaulted me and I wanted to press charges.

-#2 Physical Evidence: My Broken Camera and Damaged Digital Video Files.

-#3 An Eye Witness Account:

This witness has yet to be contacted by UMSL Police.

-#4 UMSL Police Confirm The Eye Witness:
Full Transcript of this conversation can be found in the description field of the Youtube vid.

-#5 Video Evidence Confirms The Eye Witnesses Statement:

With all of this evidence, what is UMSL Police waiting for?


  1. Maybe because it is evidence in a crime!

  2. Maybe because you're a pussy harassing people at their workplace, not a real journalist?

  3. Have you tried contacting the REAL police department in the area? They might be interested in knowing what "procedures" UMSL PD are following in your case.

  4. Or if the REAL PD aren't any help, maybe the district attorney's office might be.


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