Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Citizen Journalists Forcibly Removed From Van Jones “Open To The Public” Event.

Since former "Green Czar" Van Jones was ousted from the White House he has yet to be challenged about his radical views and associations. From his admitted communism and 9-11 trutherism to his appearance on a radical anti-government rap album, no one has asked him the tough questions.

Most recently, Jones founded group "Color of Change" led the attack on Andrew Breitbart's free speech. Resulting in Breitbart's removal from ABC's election coverage. Again media silence.

With Jones visiting Washington University in St. Louis it was once again time for citizen journalism to fill the vacuum left by the "mainstream media".

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  1. I can't wait until you unleash your kamikaze journalism on Judge Napolitano. Confront that fuck about questioning our hero G. W.

  2. You did an excellent job man... you were way cooler than I would have been and I think that worked to your advantage... I posted it on my blog too http://slapblog.com/?p=4899
    Keep fighting the good fight!


  3. They DO NOT WANT any video of Van Jones saying stupid crap showing up on Glenn Beck.

    But then ALL of Van Jones statements seem to fall in to that category.

    Just say'n.

  4. Van Jones can't jump or won't jump. His rhetoric of top down, bottom up and inside out is radical for a usurper of common sense. I would like to use his inside out strategy OKA evisceration of the Center for American Progress.

  5. and they didn't even think of concealing a camera... shame. that would have been more productive if they filmed in secret.

  6. Ok, yeah, I agree with your premise. I don't like what's going on either.

    But if you want to be taken seriously, please don't do the foolish stuff. Asking him to bust a rap. You went from a legitimate guy trying to film this, to a hack.

    It really gives them more credence and power to feel the way they do about their 'opposition'.

    Please, please --- I like your boldness, but just be even keeled ... serious at all times ... you'll be taken more seriously and put them on the defensive.

    You simply made yourself and the conservatives look bad in this excerpt.

  7. Wow, if I were you I would send that to Fox along with your resume, you never know.

    Perhaps you should ask Santa for a much smaller camera that you conceal, just sayin...

  8. I agree with the comment by Anonymous. I am a conservative, I identify with the Tea Party, I support the efforts of citizen journalists and Brietbart's efforts in that regard.

    That said, I find the "ambush with questions" style of journalism, specifically ones that "taunt with questions" (i.e. "bust a rap") to be objectionable.

    If we are to be a long term viable movement in the new media, we must police these types of embarrassing attacks. I encourage every citizen journalist to "record and respect" our fellow citizens whether we agree or disagree with their positions. Respectfully challenge an assertion, debate falsehoods with facts, and remain calm in the face of violent behavior. See Breibart's video confronting the SEIU protestors.

    Thanks from all of us that support you.

  9. Will you press charges for assault on the Police officer who shoved you and attacked your camera?

  10. I really enjoyed your work in this video. The Public Affairs Lady amused me so much I had to blog about it. Have a look ifn ya got the time, and thx for all you do


  11. To the first "anonymous", why don't you want people to know who you are, is it because people would know what an idiot you are? Judge Napolitano does not hide how he feels like Van Communist! Why are his people so worried about his event being filmed? I'll answer that since he wouldn't, he has much to hide like trying to change this country into a Communist regime. He's a liar, he's a Communist and we all know it and if you don't know it, YOU are a Communist also because you support him and his ideas.

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