Tuesday, December 22, 2009

McCaskill Staffer Meets With Local Constituents.

Several local citizens opposed to Claire McCaskill's position on HealthCare scheduled a meeting with the senator's staff. They wanted to meet directly with Claire but they were denied that opportunity.
One of these people contacted me and asked me to take part in and document the meeting.
The meeting went well. The staffer listened to us but it was clear by his attitude that it didnt matter if ten thousand people came to that office to complain, nothing will change.
The Democrats and Claire are determined to shove this crap sandwich down our throat.
Here are juiciest parts of the meeting:

pt1: Polls are wrong and the Jefferson College Townhall was Pro Obamacare

pt2:Yeah we work for you but...

pt3: We only listen and never argue on the phone.

pt4: Claire Bear may be holding out for a Nelson-like bribe.

I suggest taking a meeting with Bob Burns. He's a wealth of comedy material!

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