Wednesday, November 4, 2009

O F A: Obama F***'s America.

In order to counter the most effective Tea Party Coalition in the country, O F A opened up an office here in St Louis on Wednesday. While my Tea Party Brothers and Sisters were 50 or 60 strong outside, I ventured inside to see what the dilly yo.

First we see the effects of the public school system. Look closely the child who wrote this wishes that Obama would "Free people FROM the Army." I thought we had an all volunteer Army, I didn't realize our Soldiers needed to be "freed".

Here's a little help for the geniuses who will be phone banking from this office.

And we see a promotional item for Michael Moore's Anti-Capitalism movie. It's a pitchfork, used to imply Capitalism is evil. Of course this is just a coincidence. OFA is way into Capitalism...yeah right.

Evil Bloggers Pose In Front of Our Dear Leader. Left To Right: Bill Hennessy, Me, Michelle Moore, Jim Hoft.

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