Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday Tea Party! St Louis Represents! 4000 Strong!

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Thanx to Keyboard Militia for the slide show.
Here's my favorite pic of the day.

All the speakers were awesome but Jay Stewart stole the show.

As usual I was able to sniff out the libs in the crowd. I heard these guys mocking Jim Hoft's speech. I called them out and a debate ensued.

James O'Keefe Tha ACORN Killah Gave a shout out to all the local pimps and hoes!

A few words for the Dems.

For More Coverage of this Tea Party check Reboot Congress Gateway Pundit Dana Loesch A Traditional Life Lived and Keyboard Militia


  1. Sorry to have missed. Family responsibilities trumpted Tea Party. Glad to see there was a great turn out.

  2. whats wrong with this picture? The conservatives have Sarah Palin, Stephanie Rubach, Michelle Moore, Gina Loudin, Dana Loesch et al. The Democrats have Michelle Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Sonya Sotomayer,Claire Mccaskill et al. Sounds like brains and beauty vs. (You fill in the blanks).

  3. Jay Stewart was great! And he didn't have a teleprompter!


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