Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sick - Axelrod Exploits Navy SEAL Deaths For Political Points.

No low is too low for this crew. There is no bottom.

Honor the SEALS by falling in lockstep with Obama into quasi-socialism? Yeah, I'm sure they would have wanted it that way.


  1. We are led by scum. This is actually how Barry and crew think. God help us.

  2. Actually, I agree... we owe it to them not to trash this great nation they gave their all for -- to ensure we stay moral, strong and FREE!

    They should follow their own advice and 'do their duty' to CUT THE DAMN SPENDING!!!

  3. we've has quasi socialism for a better part of a century, where have you been? Oh thats right you just prefer socialism when repubs are in office. I get it now. Just keep voting for your "team".

  4. keep to being a father cause your a shit head in knowing whats good for america. You're just another shit head who does not hold a phd in economics and attack Paul Krugman who does have won a nobel prize. Mr. Elbows do you really think you know more about economics than Krugman? No really do you? If you do give me your credentials, if not stay out of it and stick to worrying about who has the best ice cream. I laugh at you daily.

  5. Krugman's academic pedigree means dick when his argument is a proven failure. where has govt overspending gotten us? and he wants to spend more.
    doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is INSANE.

    glad I can amuse you btw. click on an ad next time yur here since I entertain you so.


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