Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Santelli Strikes Back - Smokes CNBC Chick Over Racially Charged Tea Party Slam.

We may have to put Santelli on Mt Rushmore one day.

HT Breitbart TV


  1. Adam...great post. Thanks for having the stones to have a blog like this. Rock on, fellow TEA Partier!

    N. Walker
    El Paso, TX

  2. Hard to be nice here. She's just another Progressive spreading lies and BS about them evil teabaggin' employed angry white guys.

    The "agenda" of the tea party is simple. Smaller government with less debt+spending+taxes, letting free market hire and grow and thrive.

    But this is the opposite of what people like her want, which is tyrannical government owning and controlling everything and everyone. And they will lie, cheat, steal, and from what we've seen in riots in London, France, Greece, even kill to get it.

  3. "UNemployed..." excuse my previous typo-laden past. :)

  4. How is this a racist thing? Where is the racism? Millions of Tea Party folks, peaceful, worried, all races. What gives, lady?!?

    Every time the Federal Reserve prints more money (we are now looking at QE3), every time the feds borrow money, our PAYCHECK is worth less, our BANK ACCOUNT is worth less. Our BONDS, our STOCKS, are worth less.

    Everybody should be angered by this Socialist path we are being forced down. This is the path the Weimar Republic took. The WHAT?!? Exactly!

    What was the Weimar Republic? What happened with their QE (Quantitative Easing) efforts failed to stimulate their economy?

    Don't listen to the "stimulative effect" lies. Every dollar govt spends did, or will have to, be TAKEN from a taxpayer. That's very UNstimulative!

    Do your own research. Think for yourself. Use your brain. Please.


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