Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pawlenty Weighs in With KILLER New Ad.

Double Take on T-Paw anyone?

HT Hot Air


  1. Excellent message, but as a campaign ad, there's just one thing missing, Pawlenty.

    We hear his voice say he approves of the ad... but so do I... why should I expect anything better from him?

    The answer to that is missing from the ad, and that's sort of been the problem for him all along... which is... well... a plenty big problem for Pawlenty.

  2. My instinctive reaction to the ad was that it reminds me of 'Doonsbury's' depiction of Bush43, invisible at the podium, only President Obama is missing in action, missing in competence, missing the point of lowering taxes on the 'job creators' to get America back to work. It is a powerful first salvo.

  3. Impressive ad. But it doesn’t make me want to vote for Pawlenty. He’s probably not going after the conservative vote anyway.


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