Sunday, June 26, 2011

Elitist D*ckhead David Carr, NY Times Columnist Slams Middle America.

"Middle Places" "Low Sloping Foreheads"? Apparently he thinks we're hobbits?


  1. Because Nazi phrenology jokes are funny.

  2. Have you seen the huge news today?

    The Washington Post has busted the White House for corruption:

    David Axelrod and Robert Gibbs were stopping investigations and ethics committee review attempts about this but when they saw it was all going to unravel, they blew out of the White House like nobody's business. Why else would they leave the highest jobs in politics for no apparent reason? Car Czar Steve Rattner has already been caught and charged. The key people at the Dept. of Energy all bailed out at about the same time.
    Kleiner Perkins put Chu in office and got kickback funding for their companies and cut-off of funding for their competitors.

    There is more about this at-

    Get the subpeona's going and let's put the crooks in prison. Pass this around.

    Write a protest to your elected officials right now!


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