Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lib Students Won't Put Their GPA Where Their Mouth Is.

Greedy lib college kids refuse to give away a portion of their Excessive GPA to help their fellow students.

This girl gets it...well almost.

HT- Breitbart


  1. Wow, if that girl could only see herself on video then maybe she would understand, maybe.

  2. I find it funny that conservatives like to attempt to mix 'apple and orange' issues as if they have any link to support their weak argument...

    You can't give intellect to those that don't have it but I'm sure conservatives will continue to try...

    Those that are smart and wise are born with these abilities, not everyone is born with wealth BIG difference and the same is fact with ability of ACCESS to options not everyone is born with access, some have it HANDED to them so maybe we should have a petition to distribute equal access, oh wait, conservatives are against that as well

    LMAO, you conservatives sure do try hard to look intelligent, keep at it though, I'm sure at some point you'll get it

  3. You act as if everyone with wealth is born with it. But if you look at the demographics, most of the wealthy are older. They had to earn that wealth over time. And did you listen to the women on the second video at all? She proves the point. In the context of grades, if you start taking grades from the top grade earners, it deincentivizes the effort of those individuals. Why would the same not be true of money? Those that work hard and have the talent and drive to succeed would not be driven as hard if we take away the incentives. You and some of the kids in the video claim this is apples and oranges. But saying that does not make it so.

    Obama said during the campaign that if faced with a scenario where raising the taxes on the rich would hurt the economy, he would still do so because that is "fair." That is where you are really coming from. You just can't stand to have your inconsisency exposed.

    P.S.- Way to come off as an arrogant elitist. Like I said above, believing you are smarter than everyone else does not make it so. And I do not believe I am smarter than you. But I do believe I have an open mind to different ideas. You seem to think your superiority insulates yours from attack. Sorry, but the leftist intellectual house of cards is collapsing. It will be very messy ere the end, I think.

  4. Did I state everyone is born into wealth, no, I did not

    Determination and drive do not equal intelligence, you can't make yourself into an Einstein, Salk, Edison, and etc... Again this is where apples and oranges comes into play not because I say so but because it is so, not too hard to figure that one out

    I also stated access as an issue, you dodged that one all together.

    Many without access languish even though they have the talent but lack the access to use that talent that would give them wealth, e.g. secondary education access is a prime example, so many have the IQ and intellect to pass and graduate but lack the $ to do so, that's tragic and happening too often in this country

    You do realize that in the 50's and 60's what the economy was doing and the tax rates during that time? Might want to refresh your memory on that time period and how 'high taxation', economy and social policies worked out during that timeframe

    I'd love to have an honest debate with any conservatives but that's not going to happen

    I know I come off as an 'arrogant elitist' it's hard not to when facts and truth meet rhetoric and talking point, if conservatives ever want to be taken seriously by the 'left' then they and you need to drop the rhetoric and talking points

    What looks to you as 'superior' is the fact that you can't debate if you can't support your ideology without going to nonsense so I suppose that would come off as elitist and superior, all I have to suggest to you is try harder, be more determined... maybe that will get you that 'intellectual wealth' you're conservative friend in those videos is grasping at to make an incorrect point on concerning 'educating' folks on redistribution lessons...

    You're correct about 'messy' but you're already standing in it, you just missed that's it's overflowing from your side into ours.

  5. Determination and drive with a little intelligence goes a long way in being successful in life. Education helps gives you an edge in becoming successful, but isn't necessary. Higher education in one form or another is already available to those that want it. Through grants, loans, etc. If you aren't smart enough to figure it out then you probably wouldn't be able to pass anyway. By the way, its not an apple and oranges debate. Money is something you earn by working hard. Grades are something you earn by working hard. It's pretty simple. The most dangerous liberals are the ones who haven't had to live in the real world yet.

  6. Getting back to the videos and why they are posted here it's an apple and oranges issue, distribution of money isn't equatable to intellect. Everyone can earn money, not everyone can earn intellect, so one is more easily distributable and the other cannot

    Not everyone has access to grants and loans, some won't have the CREDIT RATING to earn access to loans, hence my point of bringing up the access issue

    You pointed out grades, but not what level of grades, yeah all folks can 'earn' grades, but are they A, B, C, D and F, which is more important and of that importance what opens doors and are those doors reachable to all IF they don't have acces to money to go through that 'door'

    You can say 'simple' all you'd like but this is by far a 'simple' issue regardless of conservatives trying to make it such

    BTW I live and learn in the real world, it's that living and learning that gives me the foresight to become a stronger progressive due to that info, research and knowledge. I've taken the lessons of seeking knowledge and understanding all those years ago when I went to college, it never stops, nor should it

  7. you cant argue with dumb regressives when there isn't a will to learn and grow. All they know is church, guns, and mcdonalds.


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