Tuesday, April 5, 2011

From "Yes We Can" to "You Know, Whatever."

Jon Stewart kicks Obama around for over 4 minutes. Too bad he isn't this objective during election season.
HT- The Blaze


  1. What pushovers you conservatives are...

    Embrace Jon when he presents something you want to use against the opposition party but when he does the same against the conservatives... You dismiss him

    Make up your minds, you make jokes of yourselves everytime you all do this... lol

  2. Thats because they are jokes. Oh and racists. Oh and alarmist. Oh and gun crazy. Oh and homophobes. Oh and wildly stupid.

  3. Never liked him. Satisfied?

  4. No, why would anyone be satisfied by that comment?

    Just because you make that statement doesn't change what every other conservative continues to do, it's all about individual 'freedom' and 'liberties' unless it's when it's posted on blogs and spoken on fox or whatever conservative outlet you all focus on to get your sound bites...

    Until any conservative pushes back upon their own group when stuff like this is exposed all conservatives and these types of laughable situations will always repeat themselves, conservatives are not good stewards of history or reflection...


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