Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Colin Quinn: "Marxism Failed From Day One"

From his brlliant one man show,"Long Story Short" Quinn explains why Marxism was Doomed from the start.

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  1. Loved it! I remember in a history of western civ class, the professor told us that Karl Marx, who never worked a day in his life, aside from his so called 'research' which consisted of going to the library and cadging statistics from the research of others, mooched money from Engels, who came from a wealthy family.. and never paid him back, so Colin's joke was so spot on. Marxism is a scam, the creation of a sick, twisted, spoiled brat mooch, who sought to dupe others into setting him up to be the grand high poohbah of upper butt crack.. and the sad truth is, others like him fell for it.

    Another thing that always cracks me up, are the ones who do, and like to sneer at the middle classes, as members of the 'bourgeoisie' are themselves either middle class, or wealthy elites.. they have no sense of irony.


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